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E-Ticketing can be complicated with legacy and modern solutions embedded in daily workflows leaving end-users frustrated.

TruckIT’s E-Ticketing technology delivers ticket digitization, automated workflows, business intelligence, anomaly alerts, e-signatures, and more.  We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning providing digital ticketing systems that are accurate, automated, and optimized for your specific needs.

AirTicket™ is our patented, fully automated e-ticketing software installed at the scale house and is compatible with any existing scalehouse software and requires no hardwiring or access to internal databases

DOT compliant electronic ticketing software with role-based app functionality for field engineers and inspectors with business intelligence

Automatic-PIC is a cutting edge tool that is able to extract critical ticket data and auto-reconcile data from printed and handwritten tickets

E-ticketing lifecycle
Screenshot of dump truck delivery with a map

dispatch optimization

Being able to get more done with less work leads to greater profitability and room to grow.

TruckIT’s built an intuitive platform relying on customer feedback from some of the best and most respected heavy trucking outfits.  Our dispatch solution has been proven to reduce time to dispatch by upwards of 60% and increase productivity in delivering more loads, faster.  

SMARTDispatch is an AI-driven engine that performs 1,000’s of calculations per second to optimize all of your intra-day or next day jobs increasing capacity and meeting demand

Dispatch Daisy is a virtual order taker and dispatcher. She’s always available to your customers via phone or text to place their orders and confirm delivery

Optimal dispatch offers real-time visibility into fleet performance

Collaboration tools to engage with your subs like you do your own team


Scale on-demand without playing phone tag.

For third-party hauling, fleet owners, or fleet expansion

Post the details of your job and immediately your network of 3rd party haulers.

Forge stronger Contractor and Hauler relationships with a larger network & better communication.

Limit project delays with access to thousands of vetted haulers.

Increase project visibility with real-time data for yield, material location, ETA's & turn-times.

Reduce reconciliation times and automate the backoffice with TicPic and e-Ticketing solutions.

Optimized Dispatching
Laptop and Mobile interfaces for Fleet Management
Live Monitoring & Optimization

Optimize Hauling Operations & Material Delivery Logistics

Real-time insights on one centralized platform.

Gain full transparency with the ability to view live material monitoring. TruckIT's material logistics and hauling solutions enabled customers to achieve a 30% increase in overall productivity through improved turn-times, increased volume of loads, and load drop accuracy.

Understand real-time driver activity and turntime ETAs with RaceTrack™.

Keep your entire team connected and informed with live GPS material tracking for pickup and delivery insights.

Ensure required materials are delivered to their intended locations.

Establish lat/long locations and provide real-time driver updates for job sites with roaming drop-off zones using PaverTracker™.


Say Goodbye to Manual Processes

Accomplish much more with less effort so you can focus on growing your business.

How many hours does your construction, materials, or hauling business spend on manual processes every day? Every week? TruckIT's AI & Machine Learning technologies power the automation of many tedious processes, earning you back hours of valuable time.

Smart Dispatch technology does the math for you by calculating without spreadsheets to improve hauling logistics + dispatch scheduling based on your fleet and/or third-party hauler activity data.

Paperless e-construction solutions such as AirTicket™, ScaleScout™, and TicPic automatically capture and file digital copies of your data for refined backoffice operations.

Auto-Reconcile tickets (customers have experienced as much as 75% reduction in weekly ticket reconciliation).

Reporting & Analytics

Make Informed Decisions

Support the longevity of your business with data driven insights.

Our reporting and analytics features encourage smarter decision making, allowing your business to be less reactive and scale intelligently. In addition to enhancing productivity, TruckIT is committed to providing reliable, secure, and trustworthy user platforms that ensure sensitive and private data remain accessible only to you.

Understand the state of your business at every level including; billing, payments, ticket reconciliation, backoffice management, fleet utilization, inventory management, and dispatching.

Access DOT Daily Report Summaries of material types by individual loads and Bid Item Summaries.

Export data, reporting insights, and analytics from your secure profile 24/7.

View project performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Enable record keeping accuracy with our digital documentation features to streamline backoffice and administrative operations.

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